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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Do You Decorate Your Walls?

How Do You Decorate Your Walls?
Like most woman, I love my little castle to look crisp and sculptured. Especially when I have painted each room colors that took me months to decide on. 
Majority of home schools are mostly taught in the dining room, as others are blessed to have a special room designated as their class room. We have moved to different places during our schooling  adventure and though each place may seem to get bigger; the dining room is where we end up having our lessons.
My personal method periodically is unit studies. This means gobs of crafts, time lines, experiments and the list goes eternally on! In that...all of these wonderfully applied learning instruments are plastered to my sculptured WALL! 
How about you, my fellow home school teacher-where does all your child's current school work such as pictures, time lines and crafts get displayed? The more the students, grant you;  the more the challenge-NO DOUBT! 
I have been in droves of home schoolers homes. I have seen ones where home schooling papers are displayed all through-out the house on walls,  tops of tables and refrigerators. Then I have been in homes where nothing is displayed anywhere. Wow!
I have three children; one of whom is now grown. I know you have been told this by all the older mom's; "Enjoy your kids now, they grow up so fast." Let me tell you...THEY ARE RIGHT! I miss my son's beautiful art work on the wall. But, I do have two girls who are embellishing them quite nicely.
Pondering this, the V 8 moment happened...is it about me anyways? This makes my girls feel honored, esteemed and proud that their hard work is displayed for all who enter mama's castle. When people stop by, usually before they leave they get to be entertained by my students as they reteach their present unit study by showing them their displays. 
So, mom or dad...I want to encourage you to add a little more of some unique and special decor to your walls. Slab on that lovely art work and lesson on your lovely walls and see some faces that you adore just glow! This is just another wonderful way to lift up your child's heart showing them how proud you are of them.
Have fun decorating! 

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