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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Memorizing Scripture for Children

  Let me tell you a teeny tiny story on 'why' I became impassioned to teach my
children to memorize God's Word. My best friend (Kelly) had her children before I. She is one of those woman that seems to always smile and talk about her Jesus. When her children were born, her world was filled with God's love gushing out into those little souls all the more! When my new husband and I would drive several hours for a visit, she would share with me how her 2 yr. old knew several scriptures. She then demonstrated this to me as little raspy voiced Adam would bellow verse after verse. By the time I had my first child and she her last (both were boys who were born in the fall) her two iddie biddies were quoting more scriptures than I could...and they didn't know how to read yet! Wow! Impressed beyond measure, I then asked do they understand all they are quoting. In their child's mind, I quickly found out-- they sure did! 
  From that point on; as soon as my son turned 3 yrs. old he was quoting God's Word. His first verse wasn't at all what I thought it would be either. It was Phil. 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." As he learned this verse, he also slowly memorized the books of the Bible and some catechism. I have three children as well...all three are learning God's Word and have started memorizing before they could read. In matter of fact they memorized better when they couldn't. 
  My son graduated 2 years ago from high school with hundreds of verses in his mind and soul. Equipping him to face life as a Soldier in God's Army.
  Several mom's have come to me privately and asked how to get our children to memorize. The answer is different for each child and parent who is doing the teaching. I believe children when they are really little have similar learning styles...a lot are kinesthetic or practical (learn by doing). I realize that is not always the case yet generally. 
  Find your childs learning style and teach him. It may be repetition, games and music. WARNING...all of these cannot be done daily but mixed up due to burn out and eventually they will be boring to your child and you and in the end: not work. 
  The number ONE key to teach your children is CONSISTENCY. Daily...every day over and over again. Frustrating sometimes? Oh yea!!! But oh so worth it in the end. We do scriptures 4 days a week. When my son was over several hundred we had to divide up the scriptures in 3 general themes and would do 1 theme for 3 days (per day) and played fun drills on the 4th. I made up quizzes, games and the boring WRITE YOUR SCRIPTURES as well.  
  All in all, this is teaching your child diligence, which is the most important area of his/her life.Their souls are being fed and they become stronger to live the life God has ordained them to live. This is a normal part of their lives: reading, praying and studying God's Word is just as normal as brushing their teeth. My hearts desire is that they will only continue as they become adults and in turn teach their future generations to memorize God's Word in their hearts.
  Did you know most Muslim children are taught to memorize the Koran and other Islamic writings? This is part of their education. Countries all over the world instruct their children to memorize their 'holy book'.  Shouldn't we as Christians be all the more passionate about teaching and having our children memorize God's Word?
  Go for it! Teach your children to memorize the Word of God!
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Teaching Bible Memory


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