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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Social studies, history, writing, grammar, art, music and the list goes on what you can accomplish by doing unit studies!
Several have asked me what is a Unit Study? Some home schoolers tell me that this is not their personality or objective. That is fine too. I started out with a basic ‘follow-the-home-school-curriculum’ routine. For me that would be fine, I like staying within the lines. But, not for the kinesthetic learner in my son. Thus, one of my home school girl friends lent me a book by Amanda Bennett and that was all it took. We went nuts, our first unit study was on farm animals. The resources were everywhere and it was a great learning experience to find them. Also I enjoy sharing my treasures with other home school mom’s who may want to do a lesson on a particular subject. 
We then did the Civil War…wow…well, I went rather long on it! J But, it really made Nathan’s learning experience resourceful, memorable and fun! I weary being limited by what others have outlined my child to learn. My girls were interested in sewing.
We did a fun unit study on sewing. We have done several little studies on the different holidays, seasons and other. Sure, it may take some work on your part. But, oh my it is so worth it! Plus, there are many unit studies out there that all you have to do is follow their “yellow brick road” they already paved for you. Check them out!

The queen of unit studies, Amanda Bennett where I was first inspired by her book on how to do unit studies. I am thrilled to see after 18 years of writing unit studies she is has incorporated unit studies for one week too. You will be inspired! 
My second most used resource for unit studies is Cindy Downes from Okalahoma Home School. She is an author, home schooled her children and very talented. What is great about this site is the fact it is free! A great source for your social studies.
Here is an article on What Is A Unit Study?
Within Unit Studies we first started just using normal folders and still do on occasion. But, flap books are the norm. Their popularity started big within the past 8 years. When I went to a flap book seminar, my children were there with me. They had so much fun and were far more coordinated than I. But, they are so cool!
Here are‘how-to’ flap book resources: All About Flapbooks/What can I do with a FLAPBOOK?
These ladies are who I personally met and enjoyed, very talented: http://lapbooklessons.com/TemplateFlap.html?vm

I would encourage you to get their bookThe Ultimate Lap Book Handbook
By Tammy Duby & Cyndy Regeling / Meggie Dee Press.
Lastly, but not really because with Unit Studies it is endless: for those of you who has not learned yet about Unit Studies here is a very basic article on: How To Plan a Unit Study  By Beverely Hernandez.
There our hundreds upon hundreds of individuals who have already put together wonderful unit studies (as I have). Just type in your search engine on a subject your child is interested in or perhaps a subject they are needing to learn, like government. Then include the words unit study. As your child gets older he or she will learn to do the research themselves. The library is very important to utilize. Taking your child there and picking out the books that will fit with the unit of study you have chosen is plain old fun!
I have been home schooling for 15 years with the past 13 applying the unit study method. Check it out; find a new, resourceful way to teach and for your children to learn!
Daneille Gray Snowden

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