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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood

 Book Review By Daneille Gray Snowden :
By Shelley Noonan and Kimberly Zach         Published by Pumpkin Seed Press
Mom's have you desired to teach your daughters vital life lessons-derived from God's Word using older woman's (mother's) wisdom they attained? Mabel Hale in the 1940's wrote Beautiful Girlhood; an excellent handbook for mother's and daughters to apply as young woman grow into womanhood. 
In this Companion, the authors purpose is to apply Biblical passage with a spiritual application. She used questions to ponder, assignments to read certain Bible texts and interactions between a mother and daughter.
Published in 2000; Shelley Noonan has since toured the country sharing her heart on the subject matters covered in Beautiful Girlhood in addition to several other aspects of Godly Woman/Girlhood.
There are 32 character lessons taught through-out both book and companion. Subjects such as friendships, showing respect to your elders/others, outward beauty, presenting ourselves as ladies, relationship with boys, dreams they have-how it lines up to God's plan for their lives, being truthful and the list continues. I had a wonderful, sweet godly mother who was also a true lady. She poured into me God's Word. Yet, I so wish she knew of Mabel Hales book when I was a young girl. Shelley Noonan has been  used by God to directly line up my heart according to God's Word on how to not only be a Woman of God but a Mother to my children as He designed it. My 12 year old daughter simply 'Get's It'! As we follow the format Shelley has laid...the lessons taught are ingrained not only in our minds but souls!
After we read Beautiful Girlhood together; we begin with a few discussion questions (causing mother and daughter to converse on vital, deep and heart felt subjects). Following this,  the Companion takes us to Biblical application and activities. My daughter has been taught from the characters in God's Word who have lived out that particular godly character being taught in each chapter. Finally, a Journal is being written by my daughter as Shelley challenges and encourages the reader to write their thoughts about the scriptures she has read and how they distributed that distinct character being taught. 
Shelley also has a blog site that follows along this same format as she adds even more inspirational teachings and thoughts from God's Word. It is:  http://www.btwixtandbtweenblog.com/wordpress/ .
I encourage you to click onto Pumpkin Seed Press and order both Beautiful Girlhood and the Companion Guide. I promise you it will be an amazing blessing to you and your daughters as well as increase your relationship with one another as it has with my daughters and I. 

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