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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Basic Life Skills (& More) for You Child / Teen to Learn Before 18

Basic Life Skills (& More) for You Child / Teen to Learn Before 18
by Daneille Gray Snowden (compiled / constructed / created)

*Study the Bible (too many do not know how to study God's Word) : this will be a life gate for your child through out his/her life.
*Praying Through -- not the basic God bless mommy...but getting into the nitty-gritty of talking to our God. Yes, learning how to pray for others, as well as praying GOD'S WILL.
*Attending and being involved in church. More than 80% of young people leave the church when they are in college (most do not return). Getting involved, capturing the vision of God for the need to serve to be knitted in their souls.
*Worship: Teaching our kids to edify our God; singing to Him with all their hearts. Communicating to their Savior how much they love Him. And by worshipping with their lives MUST BE LEARNED before they grow up. It's gotta be a part of their life styles. [All by watching our life styles.]
*True understanding of God's Love and of Sin. What sin is and the reciprocation of sin.
 {Highlighted Words are links.}

*Introduce yourself
*Basic Manners -- holding the door open, helping elderly and such. These seem to have faded, time to bring them back. [Manners ]
*Hygiene: care of the entire body, teeth, hair.

*Caring for the health of the body. Eating right, vitamins & herbs...drinking lots of water. And the big one: EXERCISE. 
HOME SKILLS  (Everyone will live in a home - right??)
*Set a dinner table [Dinner table ]
*Make a good cup of coffee and or tea.
*Make Eggs at least 3 ways.
*Cook at least 5 basic meals. [Fry a hamburger, grill a steak, cook vegetables, etc....]
 --boil rice    -- pasta   --oatmeal   --make a salad   --mashed potatoes  --bake a potato  --bake a cake
*Fold: from sheets to shirts.
*Do laundry & dishes.

*Sew: Hems, rips & sew buttons.
*Basic House Cleaning
  --sweeping & mopping  --caring for wood floors  --clean windows & mirrors  --appliances
*Landscaping Basics
  --push & ride mow a lawn   --weed eat a lawn   -- rake leaves  -- burn leaves  --plant flowers & basic garden (and maintain)
*Purchases:  From Groceries - Clothes. Finding good deals & best places to shop.
*Give CPR & Administer the Heimlich
*Self Defense (basics) how to protect yourself and others.
 [FIRST ON SCENE - provide young people with life saving skills:  Water Safety, Road Traffic Accidents, Alcohol, Unconsciousness .]
*Change a flat tire
*Change Oil in car (saves gobs of $$)
*Drive (yes, I know of parents who have not taught their kids to drive)
 [Vehicle Maintenance - basics of vehicle maintenance .]
*Write a check
*budget funds properly
*Pay bills
*Fill out tax W2, W4's etc...  
 [Foundations in Personal Finance - High School Edition from Dave Ramsey.]

*Power Point 
*Editing for Photos
*Software installation / programing too. 
*Computer Maintenance
*personal letter
*business letter
*resume (basic)
*Wrap a present  [ Wrapping ]
*Write a card via; condolence, b-day, anniversary...etc.
*Tie a tie  [Learn How to Tie a Tie ]
*Care for leather boots, etc.... [Care for Leather Boots]
*How to vote (elections)  know their rights and the law! [Election Unit Study]
Find a couple 'bents' -- music, art, science, law...that they enjoy and are good at. Have them learn more about it and create an independent skill.  Times have changed in the years I have been alive. Computer wasn't stressed too much, just a little. Find what is coming in that is looking like it will be a norm in society; especially if it relates to computer. Do all you can to not allow your child to be computer illiterate. YET...do all you can to teach your child to exercise, play outside and enjoy friends and family.

Teach our children that; "You don't start out with everything your parents have. It took years for them to get to the point they are at financially." (Renee DePriest)   Diligence as a parent is the key to success. It's HARD WORK -- yet, we shall reap what we sow. Some kids may take longer to 'get-it'; but it will come. Remember the movie that said this; "If you build it, they will come." It's true, we are building these skills into our children. Through that we shall see them take life with more confidence and abilities.

Best and most important thing to teach is to; "Seek first the Kingdom of God." Find Jesus, serve Him with all your heart and then; "...all these things shall be added unto you."

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